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It takes a special kind of person to venture into the exciting world of Growth Consulting. A successful candidate is both dedicated and driven. Someone who isn’t afraid to turn risks into rewards. Someone who loves helping businesses grow while transforming your own life.

  • Learn new professional and long-term career skills
  • Open an office or manage from the cloud
  • Work as a Gig professional in the ultimate remote growth career
  • Three incredible opportunities made for most startup budgets
  • Group business support and insurance available
  • Strong home office support and continuing education

How to Join the
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Select between our three Growth Career opportunities: Referral Partner, Growth Agent, or a Brand Agency.

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Brand Support

A member of the Solid# Brand Support team will reach out and discuss your application and personal growth options.

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Here, success isn’t determined by your education, your background, your gender, or any of the other labels we think define us. Success in Solid# is entirely based on your efforts, your passion, and the number of businesses whose lives you change.

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“No industrial transformation leaps forward from one individual. It starts with a team of risk-takers willing to throw stones at mediocrity.”


Adam Campbell, CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in a Brand Agency?

• Legal use of the Solid Number name, logos, and promotional materials
• Brand Territories can be built and resold
• Generous commissions, cross-selling, and territory benefits
• Recruit Success Managers

Is Solid Number a franchising organization and are Solid# affiliates franchisees?

No. Our brand agents are a network of legitimate Growth Consultants that help their business clients grow, succeed, and pooling reliable resources.

Can I resell my Solid# Brand Agency?

Absolutely!  Please contact a Brand Support for more information on selling or transferring ownership.

I'm thinking of opening multiple locations. Is that allowed?

We believe it is better for a Brand Agent to concentrate on a single location to ensure the quality of hands-on involvement by the owner. We’re willing to look at exceptions to the rule.  Please inquire with Brand Support for more information.

Can I set my own rates?

The short answer is Yes. We do offer different packages and growth services with suggested MSRP. However, if a Brand Agent wants to create a custom package, the sky is the limit.

What type of business insurance do I need?

Carrying business insurance and maintaining a current legal entity is just good business.  Please contact your Brand Support agent if you have additional questions.

Do you offer a refund?

We offer a 90-day refund for the cost of a Brand Agency. To qualify, you must cancel your account. We do not offer refunds on any training, web, or software fees. Please contact Brand Support, and we’re happy to discuss your options.

Still have more questions?
We can help. Reach out, and we'd love to talk.