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Are you having trouble budgeting your money and sticking to it? 

There are so many reasons a budget could fail. Maybe all your expenses weren’t accounted for, maybe you overspent in one category. There is an interesting new budgeting system that is now using innovative technology and real-time payments.

Most people have heard of the envelope-budgeting method. You get a bunch of envelopes and write the names of the different spending categories. Things like “groceries,” “car payment,” “savings,” “mortgage,” or “fun money.” Then you go to the bank and figure out how to split up your cash to make your budget work for those envelopes. You only take the envelope with you that you are planning to spend. This is a great method but you might get tired of standing in line at the bank to get a bunch of 1 and 5 dollar bills to count out and keep track of.

Using this same idea, real-time payments allows for a more modern approach to envelope-budgeting.

One great example is Solid Number. They offer real-time payments to cardholders. For every primary card, you are allowed to have up to 5 sub cards. You can even label each of those sub cards, just like you would with the envelopes. You have one card for car expenses, one card for house payments and repairs, another card for shopping expenses, etc. This allows you to load whatever your spending budget is on to your primary card and then send money in real-time to the other cards to help budget. Then you can just take the sub card with you that applies to the purchase you are about to make.

Budgeting can be simple!

You can even give the sub cards to your kids so they can learn how to budget too.

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