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With an OfficeCard Prepaid Mastercard® you get a smarter way to manage your money with card features designed for the modern workforce.

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Virtual Cards

Take control of your spending with real-time
virtual card loads. Load or unload your sub
cards in real-time. Create up to 5 for your
busy lifestyle.


Real-Time Electronic Payments

Send & receive money in real-time,
like Venmo, but way better.
From merchant processing to instant cashdrops,
modern cashflow has never been better.


Access 24/7

Access your account on demand, anywhere with
our friendly mobile app. Connect your account
with your employer or vendor to receive money
transfers and payments in real-time.


Simplify your budget and create sub cards

Create up to 5 custom sub cards for any budget. Use sub cards for simple things like monthly subscriptions, entertainment or family allowances.

How does it work?

OfficeCard is a modern payment platform. It simply connects with your contract employer to receive real-time payments on the OfficeCard Prepaid MasterCard®

OfficeCard Network

OfficeCard account holders can send and receive money in real-time. Transfers are free and immediately available.

Connect multiple bank accounts

Link your OfficeCard account with your employer or contract vendor, so that your payments are available in real-time. You can also connect multiple banks to manage your transfers with ease.

Stop dealing in cash

Cash is risky and hard to track – and it runs out. With OfficeCard your ‘cash drawer’ is as full as you want, when you want, allowing you to focus on driving sales.

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