Solid Number, Inc. is a private company based in Lehi, Utah. Solid Number, Inc. is a leading distributor of financial service products and growth services to small and medium-sized businesses in North America. Our agents help clients meet their needs for managing marketing, advertising, payment processing, credit market pace applications, and other financial service products. Most of these products are distributed on behalf of third-party companies.

Solid Number, Inc. conducts its core business activities through companies in the United States and Canada.


The Business Opportunity

Solid Number offers a business opportunity that involves the sale of software, marketing services, payment processing, and various other financial service products. Solid# representatives are independent contractors, not employees. Their earnings are based on the sale of products offered by Solid Number and also qualifying product referrals. Importantly, for many product lines, Solid Number representatives must obtain required training before the representatives may sell those products.



Solid Number, Inc. launched its direct sellers’ program on August 3, 2020. This disclosure will update on: December 31, 2020. Please check back for more updates as we build our historical compensation data.


Independent Business Application Fees & Inquiries

New representatives affiliating with Solid Number must complete the Independent Business Application (IBA) and pay a one-time fee of $299 in the U.S. or $319.93 (includes applicable taxes)

New representatives of the Solid Number sales force who have questions concerning the IBA fees should refer to their IBA. For additional IBA fee questions, send email to:

  • U.S. inquiries email:


Solid Number Online Fees & Inquiries

Solid Business Online (SBO) is an intranet website that provides representatives with access to tools and resources to help them grow their businesses. A Full-Service subscription to SBO is required to access its full range of information and functionality. Initially, Full Service SBO costs $25 per month for representatives in the U.S. SBO can be accessed without charge to access more limited information, e.g., compensation and compliance information.


For questions regarding SBO fees, send email to:

  • U.S. inquiries email:


Recruiting Inquiries

For those individuals with questions pertaining only to recruiting by Solid# representatives, send email to:

  • U.S. inquiries email:



“Ownership” refers to the conditional right of an eligible Solid# Brand Agent (SBA) to transfer his or her business to another eligible SBA, subject to the consent of Solid Number and subject to terms, conditions and regulatory requirements. The Ownership Program Document and policies located on SBO control in all respects.


SBO is an Affiliate

The Solid# Brand Agent (SBA) is a recognition program and brand license for supportive partnering among Solid Number representatives. It does not signify a business or legal partnership. SBO cannot affect, combine, or alter contractual compensation, hierarchical agreements, or Ownership issues.


Protecting Against Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation involves the illegal or improper use of a person’s or business funds by another individual. Examples of financial exploitation include improper use of; power of attorney, coercion, or fraudulent transfer of assets. Elderly or vulnerable persons (of any age) may be especially susceptible to financial exploitation due to cognitive decline, physical disability, or health problems, which can impair their capacity to recognize financial exploitation and scams. 


Contact Us

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