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We’re Being Featured As An Innovative Company

We’ve got some really exciting things in the works that we wanted to share. We moved into our office about 2 months ago and things are moving fast. 

How fast? The speed of money, of course! 😉

The book focuses on innovative, unique companies making lives better through their products. Essentially, the book features businesses that have a substantial impact on the state and community they reside in.

We’re so excited to share this book with you when it’s published! You’re going to really enjoy reading about how we came to be, why we do what we do, and who the awesome masterminds are behind this payment revolution. We’ll be sharing the book with you as soon as it’s published early next year! 

Just this week we spruced up our office with some truly stylish decor! We’ve upgraded our battle room to be future-ready and it doesn’t look half bad. We have new displays to use during meetings, some very snazzy blue velour chairs in our common area, and vivid green plants to really liven up our space. We were tired of looking as if no one occupied the office when in reality, us gladiators are back here every day, working day in and day out, to bring you the best Solid# has to offer.

In addition to the office furniture, our Creative Director Carl finished an incredible marketing set for us. He actually hand-stretched each and every canvas to fit the frames individually, stapled the canvas, and hung them around the office. Talk about a labor of love! It’s vibrant, it’s poignant, it’s brilliant. Most of all it helps remind us every day why we’re here.

We’ve got some other really exciting things coming up! You’re going to want to check back here in the coming months to see what Solid# has accomplished and will continue to accomplish. Solid# is here, and the payment landscape will never be the same.