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The best performing teams use positives, and teams lead by fear is the fastest way to lose top talent.

In any competitive sport, consistent and high performance is key to victory.

Players are expected to constantly perform at their highest ability every minute of every game. Coaches can be seen bouncing up and down the sidelines trying to drive performance based on their individual styles.
Have you ever noticed that the teams and the coaches that produce the most steady stream of high-performance tend to use positive enforcement and focus on creating a high-energy work culture?

Think of some of the coaching greats: Bill Belichick, Gregg Popovich, Mike Krzyzewski, Scotty Bowman, and John Wooden. They have all created legendary teams and driven high-performance. Players want to be a part of their teams and organizations. They all created winning cultures, in their unique coaching styles, by focusing on positives and focusing on doing what is proven to bring the best results.


How can we bring that same positive focus into the workplace?

Instead of managers stressing over inefficiencies and trying to lead by fear, empower employees by rewarding positive behavior.

Imagine if every time Tom Brady threw an interception, his coach pulled him aside and ripped him apart and broke down every flaw of his game. Do you think Tom Brady would want to keep playing for his team or have confidence to play well? Of course not. After throwing a rare interception, Tom Brady quickly trots off the field, and immediately begins planning and preparing for his next shot to get back on the field and lead the offense.

Likewise, an employer can get the best out of an employee by focusing and rewarding the positives.

A poll conducted in the UK in September of 2018 found that the average worker seriously considers quitting their job an average of 20 times per year. That number keeps increasing as employees seek to leave negative work cultures and find a positive workplace that will reward them for their individual efforts.

More and more companies are turning to compensation packages that include a base salary with bonuses to incentivize their work force.


Does this actually work?

Are employees motivated by promises of rewards that will not be paid out for a month and a half when they are struggling to meet their financial bills today?

There is an exciting new payment and incentive method that is beginning to explode into workplaces. This is real-time payment. That means instant rewards.

Instead of trying to hit high sales goals all month, with the promise of a bonus the following month, employees can be compensated for their performance in real-time. This can be a game-changer for employees.


Have you or your family ever been in a spot in your life where you were short on money and an extra 20 dollars would have meant the world to you? Just think how empowering it could be to be able to hit a quota or target at work and be able to have that money in real-time. According to a study performed by Business wire in 2019, nearly 4 out of every 5 workers experiences financial stress on a monthly basis.


Paying employees in real-time allows them to motivate themselves with instant rewards for their efforts. Gone are the days where people have the patience to wait three minutes for a page to load on dial-up internet. The world is constantly calling for faster results and payment should be no different.


If we can learn anything from sports, we need to start focusing on positives and empower employees!

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