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Receiving Real-Time Commissions Is Not Just Revolutionary, It’s The New Norm

Whether you work in sales, do freelance work, or are awaiting payment from a vendor, one thing is for sure: payment processing shouldn’t take days or weeks to complete. The problem today is that we are still using outdated payment transaction systems that take days or weeks for transactions to complete. In essence, because it takes days or weeks for a vendor to pay you, you are basically issuing your vendor a 0% short term loan for them to use as working capital while you anxiously await for the funds to appear in your account.

On-Demand Real-Time Payments

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could receive real-time payments within just seconds time? Perhaps you perform extra work on the side as a contractor for multiple companies. Once the job is completed, the money appears in your account just seconds after completing your work.

Here are some examples:

John Smith is an entrepreneur who does handyman work for families in his neighborhood. He processes his payments through a reputable payment processing company to charge his clients bank cards when he performs a service. However, John never actually sees his payments until 7-14 days after his payment processor has completed the transaction.

Jane Doe is a corporate executive for a construction company in charge of vendor relations. Her job is to make payments to their partnered vendors, and ensure payments are received from their partner clients. The growth of the company is dependent on the availability of their accounts receivable. The problem? It takes their bank 7-10 business days to clear the money and confirm the transaction, slowing down the potential growth opportunities of the company.

A Solution For Receiving Daily Payments In Real-Time

What are we suggesting? Innovative and modern technology has enabled companies like OfficeCard to create a solution to eliminate the long transaction cycles of sending and receiving payments. OfficeCard makes it easy for you to receive real-time payments from your vendor in just seconds time.

Imagine the benefits of not having to await a payment ever again. The results are endless:

  • Pay yourself quicker.
  • Budgeting would no longer be dependent on your income timeframe constraints.
  • You would now have the ability to accelerate the growth of your business exponentially.
  • No more awaiting funds to restock your inventory.
  • Incentivize your employees with real-time commissions to achieve company goals.

Office card enables you to maximize the potential of your company and/or your personal finances. Whether you do side work for extra money, or whether you’re an enterprise corporation who deals with a lot of vendors, OfficeCard takes the waiting game out of sending and receiving payments.

With OfficeCard, you can:

  • Send instant payments/commissions to your agents with just the swipe of a card.
  • Email monetary rewards, incentives and real-time payments to employees and partners.
  • Manage your expenses all in one location, with the peace of mind that your budget is updated in real-time (no more awaiting checks or payments to clear the account).
  • Integrate via API integration directly to your company software that you already use and are familiar with.

OfficeCard eliminates the payment processing timeframe from the equation, allowing you to accelerate your progress to your desired financial outcome.