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How to Send and Receive Payments Same-Day

As a self-employed individual, it can be frustrating waiting for payments to process and show up in your bank account. If you’re a corporate executive waiting for payment from your buyers, so you can then pay your vendors, you also know what I’m talking about. There is a definite inconvenience found in the processing time of sending and receiving payments. Thankfully, innovative technology has allowed us to bridge the gap.

The Benefits of Same-Day and Real-Time Payments

Imagine being able to receive payment from your employer, whether as a contracted employee or a full-time regular employee on the same day that you completed your days work? And imagine that same workplace offering you incentives on a daily basis to exceed your goals for instant monetary prizes?

Imagine being able to process orders from your customers as an e-commerce website, and receive a payment within seconds of your customers completing their purchase? You could even process returns, refunds and other payments related to customer service, and always be known as the company with outstanding, convenient, and quick customer service.

As a freelancer performing online jobs such as building websites, writing resumes, or editing and proofreading papers for some extra cash, imagine getting paid within seconds of the order being marked complete.

The benefits? Aside from the convenience of no longer waiting days or weeks to get paid, this creates a wealth of opportunity for businesses, personal finances, and entrepreneurs seeking to grow their startups. Quicker payments received equals quicker marketing campaigns for businesses, which equals quicker acquisition of new customers which means everyone is happy!

Getting paid now rather than every two weeks or every month allows consumers to budget in real-time, allows consumers to save quicker and thus reap the rewards of quicker savings growth. Again, it’s a win-win scenario!

The Solution for Same Day and Real-Time Payments

OfficeCard bridges the gap currently found in slow payment transactions. With OfficeCard, you are able to send and receive payments within seconds rather than days, and benefit from your earnings right now rather than next month.

OfficeCard is a platform that connects businesses and consumers through innovative technology, allowing for the processing of payments sent and received to happen in just seconds time. Not only can you send and receive payments in real-time, but you also have the ability to create incentives and rewards for co-workers and employees to be sent and received over email in a few seconds time.

The platform allows you to have the convenience of quicker payments as well as keep track of your expenses and manage your budget all in one location. The convenience of linking your bank accounts to OfficeCard makes it hassle-free to start, with an option to use our loaded debit card option to send and receive payments just as conveniently.

OfficeCard was built for both consumers who are small business owners, freelancers, contractual workers, as well as enterprise corporations who work with multiple manufacturing and wholesale partners. With OfficeCard, you not only save time, but you save money and even make money from the convenience of quicker progress and growth financially.