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New Payment Technology

You're about to be cash dropped, folks!

Do you remember those money machines where a person would stand in the middle and try to collect as much cash as they could as wind whipped around them?

Funny to watch and pretty rewarding depending on your haul. Yeah, those things were novel as all get out but still – free money! Alright well, I have a bone to pick with technology for a second. When we sped past handling cash, we left these entertaining and free money windy relics behind. Maybe it was for the best, they were quite a gimmick…


But the concept was amazing. Get in this machine and get free money if you can grab it. Luck was a key component, sure, but everyone wanted to test their luck against it. They wanted to be the one who could collect all the money. They wanted to be the one who tempted fate and won. That’s a pretty strong driving force, speaking from experience here. So then, why hasn’t anyone tried to remake this phenomenon for the future? 



Let’s imagine you’re at a sports game and suddenly you hear fanfare. What’s that? It’s the Cashdrop fanfare! Get out your phones everyone! You’re about to be randomly selected to receive cash instantly to your bank account. You’re about to be cash dropped, folks. The crowd goes wild, everyone takes their phone out, and everyone is excitedly waiting. Green money is swirling around on your phone’s screen and you tap at it feverishly, “I hope I get cash dropped!” and then suddenly it stops. The green money becomes fleeting gold glitter specks and forms some shiny numbers: $150. 


“I just got cash dropped $150!” you exclaim. 

The person next to you, “I got cash dropped $100!”


Wouldn’t that be so exciting? Who wouldn’t get their phone out to get cash dropped? Added bonus: you don’t have to embarrass yourself in a wind tunnel and come out with a measly $5.