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Sales life is tough without
process and opportunities.

Real-time payment enthusiastJP Lewis

Today a friend shared with me their experience at a car dealership. They were taking in their truck for some maintenance work at a dealership. While they were waiting for their truck to be fixed, a salesman approached them and asked if they were thinking of upgrading to a newer vehicle. My friend told the salesman that he was not currently looking for another vehicle. They then began to talk about what my friend does for work.

The sales manager at the car dealership walked by and observed the conversation between my friend and the salesman. The sales manager then angrily barked at the salesman to get outside and start selling cars. The salesman then headed out into the hot sun to pace the empty parking lot.

Does that negative work culture sound all too familiar?

Sales managers struggle to motivate salesmen to sell more, and salesmen struggle to have a consistent base of customers to sell cars to. Both these concerns can now be better addressed through an exciting new finance technology called real-time payments.

Real-time payments can motivate employees and increase customer traffic for a business. Employees can be compensated for pay, bonuses, and incentives in real-time. Businesses can offer incentives to prospective buyers. Using the car dealership example, they could offer $10 for customers to test-drive cars. When a customer shows up to test-drive cars, they can instantly receive the money.

Real-time payments can help alleviate financial stress by rewarding performance in real-time. CNBC reported in 2019 that 78 percent of the American workforce live paycheck to paycheck. Offering real-time incentives can transform the lives of employees and customers. Offering real-time incentives will lead to more positive employee conversation and a better overall work culture.

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