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Money moves people, and there's nothing more motivating than funding now. Transform your employees and vendors with real-time payments. Increase productivity and decrease painful delays. Welcome to payments 2020.
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The future of money is now

Real-time payouts are the new epicenter of motivation and productivity. Current payment methods are outdated, slow and don’t match the fast pace of our modern lifestyle. Real-time payments can transform business, and the future is now.

Instant VISA and
MasterCard Transfers

Transfer funds fast to any Visa or MasterCard Credit or Debit Card.

Mobile Wallets
expand flexibility

Transfer funds electronically to any mobile wallet with an open API.

How Solid# works

Change lives. Transform your business.

Deposit Funds

Real-time payments start with depositing funds into your gateway account. Solid# makes this process simple and efficient. Use your available funds to send disbursements to your people on-demand. Solid# makes it easy to manage and track corporate payments.

Connect Your People

Setting up a vendor or payee is fast and efficient. Simply connect with an OfficeCard holder by adding their email account into your dashboard. Needing to push funds to other sources? No problem. With Solid# interface we make it simple to on-board multiple payment types.

Select and Pay

Solid# provides a simple interface to search and send payments to your people. You can send single payments and mass payouts with just a few clicks. Imagine sending a text to your team saying, “You really rock. Check out your bank account.” Cha-ching!

Promotional Payments

The future of money is now. With Solid# there is no more waiting for bank clearance or checks in the mail. Creating promotional payment programs is easy. Use payments to drive more business like on-demand referrals, commissions, incentives, or real time rebates.


We make tracking each transaction easy with our payroll integration. This way each disbursement gets applied to the right person, and is treated appropriately from a tax perspective. Check out our list of integrated accounting and payroll systems. Don’t see yours on the list? Let's talk! We’re always looking to expand our integration partnerships.

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